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National SEO Services
For Real Estate, B2B & B2C

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Why You Need SEO For Your Website


Are SEO services worth it? Absolutely! Search Engine Optimization remains a large part of the bigger picture when it comes to visibility, organic traffic, and conversions.​​

  1. If you're a B2B company or target a mature demographic, most of your potential customers will be on Google.

  2. Inbound links are a large part of ranking high on the search engine. And, social media platforms are one great source offering rich links.

  3. Do you use any tools that provide real-time data entry? Social media platforms are catching up by offering e-Commerce tools and forms however, your website still holds greater functionality.

Our national SEO strategies offer your business a way to stay ahead of the competition. When you make the decision to run a national SEO campaign, your website's search engine rankings will improve! Thrive Social Solution works on the national level to improve your website's visibility. We provide a solid SEO strategy, invested talent, and devotion to your success.

What Are Search Engine Spiders (Robots)?

The search engines are designed to locate your site, read it, analyze what your website is about, and rank your website. Different factors go into the process such as unique content, relevancy, keywords, and outgoing links...a.k.a. "how popular your online presence is."

Design For The Search Engines
& Your Prospects

An SEO-compliant website is necessary in today's world. Your competition is optimizing and without SEO you're going to be stuck in the past. Don't let those potential customers slide through your hands by ignoring SEO technologies. Search engines are filled with potential clients and speaking numerically, 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page. However, it doesn't necessarily have to be the number one spot.

Depending on your industry, sometimes being third, fourth, or fifth place can benefit your more. Why? Let's say a client is in the research phase of the decision process. The potential customer types a term into the search engine and out pops the results. He clicks the first business he sees.

After exploring all the options he moves on. He compares prices and offerings with the third, fourth, and fifth business websites on the search engine. At business five, he realizes this company offers the best bang for his buck and offers similar services. So, he decides to call the business and convert to becoming a client.

Technical Solutions To Target
Qualified Prospects

High-quality websites need to be built for the search engine spiders to ensure they are able to read your content. But, needs to also be written for your potential prospects in mind for a strong and sufficient website. The application of SEO fundamentals combined with usability will help your website. Navigation will become easier, more accessible, and you will be more likely to convert prospects to clients.


  • Keyword research is conducted to see which keywords your potential clients are searching

  • Landing pages will be optimized to match specific keywords to assist with search queries

  • Link equity will be raised through the usage of external web pages to help people find your website

  • The site navigation will be adjusted for clarity and easy access for search engine spiders to read your content

  • Unique, clear, and interesting copy aligned with your business offerings assists the search engine in determining what your website is about

  • Optimization of a 404 (page cannot be displayed) error page and redirected pages to provide a user-friendly environment. Explaining the problem and giving users links to other options make a difference. This process also helps the search engines move swiftly through your website.

  • Optimization for your website & social media platforms targeting the same attainable search terms.

The Difference Between SEO vs. SMO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the profession of adjusting websites, web pages, and social media platforms. Growing your rankings on the search engine will help you achieve visibility.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the practice of adjusting your social media profiles and postings. The ultimate result will increase your position and visibility on search engines.


National SEO Services 

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are National SEO Services?

The development of a website strategy that is SEO-friendly for search engines while still being informative to potential customers.


What Are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO Search is specifically targeted to make your web presence visible to businesses within your local area.


What Is The Cost Of National SEO Services For My Business?

You'll need to contact us for a free quote to discover the potential. Costs will vary from business to business depending on specific factors but typically falls within the $3,000 to $15,000 range.

About Us

Thrive Social Solution LLC is a digital marketing agency based in Madison, Wisconsin for small businesses. We help real estate, B2B, and B2C clients solve their digital marketing challenges.

Our approach is to build two-way communication, improve brand visibility, and drive traffic to your website. We believe that sharing your vision with your audience creates the strongest bond.

Our focus is on helping small businesses identify their purpose and solve the unique challenges. We create structured campaigns and apply optimization strategies to capture qualified leads.


The all-challenging digital marketing world continue to change at a rapid rate and we're here to help. We develop unique content for campaigns that drives small business success. Our small business marketing leadership enable us to provide our clients with dynamic solutions to their digital marketing problems. 

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