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Blogging Services: how we customize your blog posts to stand out

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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Our blogging services include research, writing, linking, and posting to your small business blog creating compelling content to inform, attract, and indirectly generate profit for your small business. Learn more about our blogging services for your small business with our planning process and general guidelines.

Blogging Services Process for your Blog's Success

1. Goals: what do you hope to accomplish by having a blog? This may be in the form of incorporating another avenue to handle customer service initiatives or to generate excitement for an upcoming product launch.

2. Measuring Success Factors: how do you define success for your blog?

  • An incline in website traffic,

  • Blog interaction through daily, weekly, or monthly comments,

  • An increase in positive conversation about your small business/products or services on social media or Google,

  • Generating profit from product sales or social media advertising.

3. Blog style: how informal or personal do you want your blog?

  • Establish or reestablish your small business as a leader in your industry,

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise while staying persuasive and engaging,

  • Show your target market why they should trust you,

  • A set of rules outlining appropriate topics.

General Guidelines We Practice

When we create content for your blog, the following guidelines will be implemented and followed:

  1. Accuracy: our process for blog content follows a thorough process to keep everything factual. We will double-check everything before it's returned to you for approval,

  2. Transparency: we maintain an open and honest approach to writing content,

  3. Keep It Interesting: informative and educational content that is presented in a fun and engaging way,

  4. Maintain A Positive Atmosphere: we do not focus on the negative! We only focus on the positive aspects of your small business and will not mention competitors in a negative light,

  5. Keywords: building a following from a search engine to your blog involves using relevant keywords that people are actively searching,

  6. Blog Link Building: adding links to your blog from governmental and industry authority websites or internal links.

  7. Consistency: (optional but emphasized) regular blog posts are instrumental in building traffic and engagement. Experts recommend at least 4 blog posts on a weekly basis for the best results.

Reach out to us if you have questions about our blogging services or to see if our services are a good fit for your small business. Setup a FREE consultation with us here.

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