Are Boosting Posts On Facebook Worth It?

Updated: Mar 26

Boosting Posts On Facebook Worth It
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Are Boosting Posts On Facebook Worth It?

You've created content on your Facebook business page and have taken all the necessary steps to optimize. The problem arises within a few days of posting. You notice that all your efforts are producing little to no engagement in the forms of likes, comments, or shares on your Facebook business page. And, as those days turn into months, you become even more convinced that Facebook is not the right tool for your business and have found it to be a complete waste of time. Read on to learn how to combat these struggles to come out victorious.

Having done local research within the Madison area, I've personally come across numerous local businesses with this exact problem. What I've taken note of is they don't stay consistent with their company blog or content, they may be posting irrelevant topics that don't correlate to their services or products, or they are boosting posts, but are targeting the wrong people, or they give up and call it quits.

What I aim to talk about within this blog are ways to improve your Facebook business page's engagement by boosting posts that provide catchy content AND will entice the right audience to interact with your material.

Facebook Advertising For Low Budgets

Have you ever considered Boosting a Facebook post? It could not be any easier or cheaper in today's advertising atmosphere. Facebook offers one of the most reasonable advertising budgets as low as $1 per day; the ideal amount for an entrepreneur just starting in building their Facebook network.

Post on your Facebook business page frequently. You'll need to conduct research for your industry and test different target markets to collect data. The data will allow you to build a strategy for sharing your content with the right audience.

Benefits of Facebook advertising

  • Data Collection: the data you receive from boosted posts will give you the internal information you need to succeed with remarketing and conversions.

  • Social Proof: increase your business page's popularity with likes, comments, and shares.

  • Industry Authority: build trust by showing people you are knowledgeable on the subject matter.

  • Build Community: attract local businesses to your Facebook page and content.

  • Drive Awareness: staying on top of people's minds by providing the answer to the problem they have will make them think of you when they need your expertise.

To boost a post is a brilliant beginning step to Facebook advertising. The tool allows you to test your content fast and with a small budget. You'll have to experiment with the audience types and their interest(s), content, and eye-catching header titles, but the results will be worth the expense.

The following tips offer ways to improve your Facebook page boosting initiatives:

Tip #1 - Focus on a Broad Audience

Unfortunately, not every piece of content that goes out into the world of Facebook advertising will produce stellar results. Some content will produce great results while others will fail to match. One way for a business to test content is by focusing on a broad interest or behavior. For a B2B industry focusing on selling marketing services, you would want to target the followers who consume the content from corporations with a strong following such as small business trends or the drum. The results will give you the data you need to make a decision to take the post to the next level, tweak the post for better results, or let it be and move on to the next piece of content.

Tip #2 - Choosing the Right Audience

The audience you've chosen has produced good results, and now you desire more exposure. Make the switch in targeting micro-influencers within your industry.