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Pinterest Marketing: Simple And Effective Ways To Build

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

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The Pinterest community is a great search engine marketing tool to gather a following for your business. The best way to use Pinterest is to treat the platform as a networking opportunity.

Your main goal for a business Pinterest account is to build a solid relationship, advertise your industry expertise, and share information. Focus on building your community and not only selling your service or product. Start with building trust and develop a relationship with your customers first.

Start by answering the questions, "Why would a client choose your Pinterest page over your competitors? What do you have to offer that your competitors don't?"

Give people a reason to follow your Pinterest page!

Tip #1 - Start the Conversation

Engage with your social media Pinterest community! Comment on other people's pins - share your thoughts, opinions, interests, and tell them how you feel. And, if someone follows you, return the favor by following them.

Tip #2 - Include Pin Descriptions

Provide brief descriptions for all of your pins. Not all pins are straightforward or obvious; be as precise as possible with your audience.

Tip #3 - Spice It Up with Variety

Mix up your content. If certain content gets more attention than other content, adjust your focus to the content that is generating more action.

Tip #4 - Spread Content that you Enjoy

Did a particular article catch your attention? Share the content with your Pinterest community. Sharing other people's blog posts, articles, and images (if permitted) is a great way to show and gain interest. And, don't forget to give them credit with a "via@name" at the bottom of your description.

"In a Morning Consult and Pinterest survey, 90% of people polled went so far as to call Pinterest “an online oasis.”

Tip #5 - Don't Over-Do Pinning

Lastly, over-pinning may lead to unfollows. You want to stay on top of a potential client's mind but don't abuse their streams with high volumes of pins.

Used appropriately, Pinterest is a great platform to showcase your industry expertise. Your Pinterest community includes volumes of like-minded people who are actively looking for ideas, educational material, and a reason to click on your Pinterest page.

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