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Facebook "Like" Campaign: Increase Your Facebook Business Page's Visibility

Facebook like campaign with the words like us in conversation bubbles

Facebook "Like" Campaign Advertising

According to a study done by Hootsuite on Facebook statistics, 48.5% of B2B decision-makers use Facebook for research, and that means a few things:

First, Facebook is a fantastic tool for marketing to businesses. A common misconception is that if you're in the B2B industry, Facebook is a waste of money. That couldn't be further from the truth. Social media platforms have adapted to becoming a great avenue for businesses to develop a strong relationship with their clients.

Second, the struggle that businesses face is how to get the ball rolling with a Facebook following with an even bigger challenge of getting those followers to engage with the content you provide and feeling disappointed when you don't see the results you expected.

Important questions that you may struggle answering without the appropriate research may include: what audience to target, what interests your target market, what keywords to use, and the type of media that produces the best results.

Which is why a Facebook "Like" Campaign is a powerful introduction to Facebook advertising for business owners. It allows you to gather data to target and build leads for your business.

Making The Decision To Invest In Facebook Advertising

If you make the choice of running a Facebook "Like" campaign, you improve your brand's visibility resulting in more views and actions on your business Facebook page.

Start by answering what you hope to achieve with a Facebook Ad?

  • Do you want to increase engagement: you have the followers but they're not engaging with your content,

  • Increase your fanbase: get more fans to your business Facebook page,

  • Improve traffic to your website: when your content appears in your fans news feed, they're more likely to click the content you provide, or

  • to simply get more qualified leads.

A Facebook "Like" campaign offers you the following solutions:

  1. Improves your credibility. Due to the nature of Facebook connections, a Facebook "like" campaign focuses on friends and friends of friends. Ultimately, building trust through friends and acquaintances. Who are you more likely to trust: a complete stranger or a friend of a friend?

  2. Increases your ad frequency. Facebook will show your ad to your business Facebook account followers twice as often.

  3. Improves the conversation. Quality followers are interested in what you have to offer and the best followers advocate to others about your business.

A Facebook "Like" campaign has the ability to improve your click-through rate, opt-ins, and ROI through your Facebook business page. Your numbers grow because people drop their guard when they see a friend already likes your page and therefore, are more inclined to trust your business. The beauty of a Facebook "Like" campaign is that they don't necessarily have to trust you (the company), instead, they're trusting the opinion of a friend or acquaintance.

Reach out to us if you're interested in starting a Facebook "Like" campaign.


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