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Writing SEO Friendly Blog Post

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

How to write seo friendly blog posts outline
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How To Write An SEO-Friendly Blog Post

A blog with a strong SEO presence is a great starting point to increase your online visibility.

It all begins on the search engine. After a person types a term into the search engine, the search engine pulls up the most SEO-friendly and relevant topics related to that search term. Ultimately, if your blogging content is engaging and your keywords are attainable, and you stay compliant with SEO within your blog, you have the potential to reach page one on the search engine with time, consistency, and research.

Let's go over ways to combine keyword research with blog content to become SEO-friendly for the search engines.

The Importance Of Alt Text Descriptions

You've put in the time, the money, and developed the content aimed at pleasing your target audience.

Alt text: Let's make it easy for the search engine to find your blog. Those stunning pictures you've chosen for your blog MUST include alt text containing your main keyword and a vivid description. Let's say I have a picture of a set of keys in the shape of a house. I will describe that picture (with a short description) and include a keyword near the front of the text within the image description (after conducting keyword research on the subject matter).

Keyword Research

SEO tools such as BuzzSumo are necessary because not all of us are great guessers at knowing what keywords the general population uses when searching online. Choosing an attainable keyword means it's not so popular that you're unable to compete for it while also not being so low in search volume that nobody sees it. The key is to get your content in front of the right people.

The below graph(s) depicts the following keyword information:

Long Tail Keyword: How to write an SEO friendly blog post

Search volume: 110 searches per month for this particular keyword

Cost Per Click (CPC): $1.38 is a lower CPC meaning the keyword is less valuable but easier to rank for organically

Articles Published: 0 for January 2022. Ultimately, nobody is talking about this keyword in January.

How to write seo friendly blog posts keyword graph
Screenshot Credit: BuzzSumo

As a comparison, let's go over the keyword "blogger" and the reasons why a small company would not want to use this keyword.

Short Tail Keyword: Blogger

Search Volume: 246K is great, right? Most likely, not for you. This search term is too popular. If you chose to write a blog post with this keyword, you would get buried underneath the competition.

Costs Per Click (CPC): $6.36 is the amount of money you pay per click when a reader clicks your ad then goes directly to your website (keep in mind; this is not the same as a sale/conversion). If you decide to advertise using this keyword, $6.36 is not a bad CPC price; if you have the budget.

Articles Published: 3.8k means you would have to compete with 3.8k other articles. You're not ending up on page one at this rate.

Blogger keyword graph
Screenshot Credit: BuzzSumo

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