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LinkedIn Optimization: 6 Helpful Tips for Small Business Owners

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

LinkedIn optimization showing a blank LinkedIn page
Photo Credit: Artempohrebniak

LinkedIn optimization is just as important for your LinkedIn business page as it is for your website and blog.

The power LinkedIn offers B2B companies is outstanding! LinkedIn optimization allows you to increase your searchability, share business news topics, engage with followers, and increase opportunities to your network. Why not make use of this optimization tool to attract followers and potential clients?

Tips for Optimizing your LinkedIn Business Page

1.) Add your company name to your LinkedIn URL. For example, for Thrive Social Solution, it would look like this:

  • Go to your LinkedIn business page. On the far right side of your business LinkedIn page click, "edit" (directly under your cover photo). Then, click on "page info" found under the 'Header' tab.

Screenshot of Edit page for LinkedIn Optimization to URL
LinkedIn Optimization URL Photo by: Thrive Social Solution

2.) Include your primary keyword(s) in your tagline.

  • Within the "page info" section under the header page. The tagline is at the bottom.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Optimization for the Tagline
LinkedIn Optimization Tagline photo by: Thrive Social Solution

3.) Use up to 156-characters from your website's <description> metatag within the first paragraph of your business LinkedIn profile. *Include your primary search terms consisting of search terms for your business, industry, experience, and your expertise.

  • You can add up to 2,000 characters in your content, though Google will only display the first 156-characters.

  • Located within the "Edit" section under "About" tab > Overview. Add your content within the "description."

LinkedIn Optimization screenshot for the description
LinkedIn Optimization Description photo by: Thrive Social Solution

4.) Add relevant keywords to your business LinkedIn profile's "About" section.

5.) Include relevant "#Hashtags" and "featured groups" located under edit>community.

6.) You are allowed three links on your business profile. Add one link to your business website, another link to your blog and, a third to another social media platform or a web page on your website.

LinkedIn Optimization That Works

Following Thrive Social Solution's tips on LinkedIn optimization for your LinkedIn business page has the potential to improve your searchability. Additional tactics such as uploading a cover photo representing your small business, appointing your administrators to your business LinkedIn page, and sharing consistent content will develop your business as an industry leader.


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