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On-Page Optimization Services: The Body

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

As a continuation of the blog about On-Site SEO Services: Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, & Meta Keyword Tags, there is more to learn about on-page SEO. We will explore the importance of On-page optimization relating to Headings, Content, Links, & Images.

Three circles presenting seo strategies including on-page seo, technical seo, and assessment
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The Importance of Headings: Content Development

Content: Important For Rankings

The Power of Links


The Importance of Headings: Content Development

Every great story begins with writing headings to catch the attention of its readers. On-page optimization is no different except you're trying to catch the attention of the search engines first then, the reader. Therefore, having a readable structure to the search engines while still engaging a person is absolutely necessary.

Let's go over why headlines are useful to the search engines. The search engines and their spiders are searching the web to categorize the subject matter of your content to give you a ranking. As a result, the headline of your content is what the search engine will see first and therefore, is an important aspect of why developing strong SEO for your website content, blog, and landing pages to match your headline and keywords.

The H1 Tag

Including your keywords in your H1 tag is just as important as the keywords in your title and meta descriptions. When your page is optimized and enriched with attainable keywords aids in the support of the spiders being able to understand what your website is offering. For example, if you're trying to explain a topic to a foreigner in English (and they don't speak English) the conversation isn't going to go far. What SEO does is fill that gap - you write in HTML, PHP, Javascript, and other coding languages so the search engine understands what you're trying to say.

Keep in mind that when you focus on one major topic for your H1 tag it will benefit your relevance. Multiple headings may be used however, they need to be in hierarchical order (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and include a single attainable keyword.

Overall, your headline should include the following:

  • The H1 tag is the headline of your page

  • Headline tags need to be in hierarchical order (H1, H2, H3, etc.)

  • Keep your headings concise

  • Focus on a single topic and a single attainable keyword

Content: Important For Rankings

Your paragraphs should be short and to the point. Present the facts of your subject matter.

Your website should cover the following:

  • Who you are

  • What your business offers

  • What makes your business unique

As for tone, you'll need to match your content with the needs of your audience. Explain to your audience the problem that you solve to make their lives easier, educate them on the subject matter by showing them your expertise, and lastly, make your content compelling enough for your audience to take action. You'll want to focus on keywords that your target audience would use when doing a search on the web and entwining them within your content.

If you're struggling with finding the right tone, choosing attainable keywords, SEO or issues with copyrighted content, reach out to us for assistance. We offer an array of services on optimized content development.

The Power of Links

Would you like to reach that #1 spot on the search engines? You're going to need links from reputable websites that link back to your website with "follow" links. Anchor text (text within your content a person clicks on to find information related to that link), in particular, has the potential to add relevance to your overall ranking if used properly.

Absolute Links

Absolute links contain the entire URL structure of the file you're linking to and are the type of links beginners should focus on because they are easier to maintain.

An example of an absolute link would look something like this: <ahref="">Anchor Text</a>


Not only do images add relevance to your ranking and are visually appealing, but they add relevance to your ranking.

Adding your attainable keyword to the image's filenames along with alt text (HTML code that describes your image) adds to the search engine's readability of your photo and coincides with the subject matter.

Let's go over the following example:

Madison lawyer man with a gavel, clipboard, and scale
Photo Credit: Freedomz

Keyword: Madison lawyer

Image Filename:

Alt-Text: Madison lawyer man with a gavel, clipboard, and scale