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Responsive Website Design Services Comparison Sheet

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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We offer responsive website design services to build a mobile-friendly website for usability and page speed. Considering there are 6.378 billion smartphone users as of 2021, this number is projected to increase to 7.516 billion by 2026. While 31% of mobile users in 2020 made a purchase from their mobile device, this trend shows that it has never been more important to have a mobile-friendly website, especially for eCommerce companies.

Pro vs. Con's: DIY or Hire A Professional?

Responsive Website Design Services


We've all been there when it comes to small business and website design. I bet you even tried to do it yourself by using a web-hosting service, read up on design through books, and even hired a website designer or service who has let you down. However, looking over our list of pros for website design will give you an idea of the expertise involved when it comes to development and maintenance, the time and money you will save plus SEO techniques.

  • Expertise, skill, and training,

  • Eliminate the amount of time, testing, and maintenance of your website with professional services,

  • Drive traffic with up-to-date SEO which increases your website's visibility,

  • A professional website will allow for your prospects to view you as an expert in your industry,

  • Managed services allow for your website to stay user friendly,

  • Avoid costly SEO mistakes, hackers, and potentially unskilled workers who may lead you in the wrong direction.


  • The average price for a new website, redesign, or maintenance is within the 2K to 15K ballpark.

  • Website maintenance is an ongoing service. Once your website is developed, it does not end. You will need to either DIY, hire a website maintenance developer, or a professional website service. DIY requires your time, commitment, and the trial and error stage.

The DIY Method

Building and maintaining your website will take time, training, and trial and error however, if you have spare time to devote to a new project, you will gain a new skill set and have complete control of your website. Of course, the question arises if your small business needs professional website services. It is most definitely costly, but go through our list to see if it is worth the price and maintenance?


  • It will be less expensive to build your professional website with a web hosting service,

  • Professional website hosting costs between $ 144 to $720 per year but keep in mind you want to choose a business or eCommerce (accept payments) website,

  • Internal changes and updates to your website are controlled by your management team.


  • Limited SEO options are available with website hosting; SEO is continually changing and ongoing,

  • Not having the skills involved with website maintenance is a drawback and you will have to devote 6-12 months minimum of learning or hire an employee with the proper skills,

  • Website maintenance, analytics, SEO, social media, advertisements, and content marketing are all interconnected and have a place in developing a professional website. Without the appropriate skill set, you may be setting your small business up for a more expensive route with trial and error.

Reach out to us if you have questions or need website maintenance services.

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